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Relational heart based therapy that leads you back to your innate wisdom…

Hi! I'm Alys Nightingale

My feeling is that as humans we are all dying of broken hearts. People are so distracted, under pressure, stressed out, and not present to listen fully, let alone witness one another.

It’s no wonder we feel anxious, isolated, alone, and at times discouraged when there is little genuine connection and sharing of realness and authenticity.

I would be honored to help and support you to transform your brain, making it a kinder, warmer and happier place to be so that you can be on your own side which will bring about balance and stability in all areas of your life.

So the invite is to journey with me as your healing companion, I would love to be your guide to accompany you on this journey back to yourself and the freedom that this brings to our lives.

Whether You Need Help With...



Together we can grow the internal resources needed to restore balance, purpose and vitality in your life, relationships, work and hopes for your future.​



I can show you how to grow, happier, healthier relationships by cultivating awareness, and skillful communication.​


I provide a safe space to take a fresh look at your life where you can freely share what is troubling you in a safe supportive environment.​


Together we can explore whatever you may be feeling and find a way through it to a more peaceful way of living.​

I can help you – through embodied, heart based counselling and psychotherapy that brings 

about change and growth through warm relational healing and self discovery.

I can help you – through embodied, heart based counselling and psychotherapy that brings about change and growth through warm relational healing and self discovery.

You will learn skillful tools that will support your well being, calm stress, anxiety and teach your brain how to take care of its self.

During our sessions we will work together to explore your difficulties in depth, making sense of overwhelming feelings while exploring how repeating patterns of thinking and behavior could be impacting your life in the present.

You will be met with a safe space to take a fresh look at your life and to talk freely and openly about your thoughts, feelings and concerns in a way that is rarely possible in our daily life.

I build on your strengths, getting to the core of the issue quickly. I have an ability to creatively unlock your potential and will empower you to move through any blocks with a mixture of tools and techniques.

Together we will develop healthy habits to help and support your brain and way you relate to yourself. You’ll learn effective tools, which will build awareness within you, giving you more choices and freedom.

Much of the healing happens in the relationship shared between us, opening the door to understanding and the transformation that happens through the depth of being really ‘known’ and gotten.

Being deeply known, accepted and understood is the path back to freedom of authentic expression, and this is where the pure gold of you lives.

So if you need a safe space, where you will be met with warmth, understanding and support, then please reach out to talk to me.

How We Can Work Together


At my consulting room - just a short walk or drive from Hebden Bridge.


Receive an online video link for those who are unable to visit my office.


For those who would are unable to attend in person nor have access to a video link.​​

Frequently Asked Questions

Browse the most commonly asked questions, and feel free to get in touch if you want to ask anything!

Psychotherapy is similar to counselling, with the focus upon your feelings, thoughts and problems, which you might be facing. Counselling is more short-term work 6 -18 weekly sessions, with Psychotherapy being more long-term work. Psychotherapy generally spends more time looking at underlying, ‘deeper’ causes and triggers rather than just what is ‘on the surface’. When we make the deeper connections and gain the understanding and awareness of the ‘cause and effect’ we can find more satisfying long-term solutions.

The first assessment session is about exploring what you are seeking help with. I will aim to give you a better of understanding of how we can work together to achieve your goals in a safe, open and relaxed way. Remember the key to success is the commitment you put in.

For some, Online Counselling can be a convenient alternative to the traditional face-to-face counselling. I have been offering counselling via video link for years, with equally good results to in-person sessions.


I will be able to build rapport with you as easily as being in the room with me. I listen to your thoughts and feelings in the same empathic, understanding and warm way. We can work with the same issues as you would bring to me in person, yet often with more freedom, as you may feel safer in your home environment. Some prefer it; some do not, yet it provides choice. You may like a combination of online counselling with face to face, as your work may take you to different places. It’s your choice.


Sometimes it can save time and money as you do not have to drive to get to me, or if you do not live locally, you can see me from anywhere in the world. This then makes counselling and support accessible to all, no matter what your situation, providing you have Wi-Fi of course. And if you don’t, we can hold a phone session.

Therapy is a process. Initially a person may feel relieved at being able to talk to someone who is attentive and caring. There is no predefined, maximum amount of time for us to spend working together – some clients may find that it is helpful to continue the process for a number of years, others for several months. This is a unique relationship between us, and it is entirely dependent upon the needs of each person.


Please read Getting the Most from Counselling.

Sessions are most productive once per week as consistency is important for getting the most out of therapy. Investing in yourself is the biggest investment you can make, so prioritizing that commitment is vital.


Short-term Counselling is helpful if you experience a sudden crisis, need to make a decision that may be difficult or something has unsettled you and you would like to be supported to understand why, and what to do about it.


Psychotherapeutic Counselling is an open-ended and longer-term, more supportive therapy. It is useful if you experience difficult life changes or find it hard to resolve long-standing, persistent concerns or patterns of relating that are creating problems. You may be suffering internally but just do not know what to do, who to turn to or don’t know a way out.

I understand that sometimes circumstances dictate changes to our plans and I would certainly be able to reschedule your appointment.


I operate a 48 hour cancelation policy ( 2 working days* ) as when a session is cancelled with less notice, I can rarely refill this ‘saved’ session space. So, I will ask that you kindly pay for any appointment cancelled with less than 48 hours notice.


Our working relationship is a joint commitment between us both, and I can wholeheartedly guarantee you of mine.


*Working days excludes Saturday and Sunday

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Book Your Free 15 Minute Consultation Today...

When you are ready, I can help you remember the person you truly are, in place of joy, peace and freedom you may have forgotten...