Getting The Most From Our Time Together

I am often asked what is needed to get the most from counselling sessions. 


All good therapy-training organisations highlight the need for consistent, weekly appointments and consider such regular sessions as essential for true therapeutic progress. Why is this? 


In the same way as having a personal trainer who can help support your physical health and body, a psychotherapeutic counsellor can help you with your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. 


As you will know from starting any new program, there is a need to keep commitment, momentum and accountability going. Consistency is the key to successful outcomes and this requires a weekly commitment to yourself throughout your journey.


Consistency is the key to change. Making changes can be challenging at times and needs repetition, engagement and encouragement until the mind/body holds the new neurological pathways that have been established though the consistent practice.

You'll be held in a safe space, so you can speak freely...

You'll be held in a safe space,
so you can speak freely...

Research shows the most important quality to therapy is the quality of the relationship between the client and therapist. 


This means feeling safe, heard, understood and having someone caring to witness your pain, challenges, trails and growth is hugely healing and restorative. 


When I know a client well, I totally ‘get’ them and am able to help them identify all the areas they need to heal, grow in and develop. 


I can help them build all the developmental building blocks they missed in their childhoods and because they have such trust in me, it frees them to speak in an unfiltered way from their hearts, sharing often what they have never shared before, so that together we can bring healing to those unseen, often unheard parts.

The relationships I hold with my clients bring deep healing and grows courage in their voices and in an allowance of their own realness. 

Our relationship will become more established, quicker and easier through weekly contact. 

The more we know people the more we develop a foundational trust. I find that if a client come less frequently than one hour per week, a lot more time is used re-building the familiarity and flow and the client re-telling what has happened during their absence.

This affects the quality of work and delays the desired outcome and overall flow of the experience. So, fully committing to 6-8 sessions proves to be much more valuable and effective all around.

"Investing in yourself is the greatest investment one can make..."

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